Game Day

Wizards Beat Team Nicaragua…

The Wizards defeated the Nicaraguan National Team on Sunday. Well, it wasn’t really the Nicaraguan National Team, but it was better than hockey. A lot of good stuff going on at Boren Field today. Good pitching, good defense and some Wizards were punishing the ball.

Welcome to the Wizards Brian. Brian, last name unknown but to be changed when learned, drove the ball hard today. His second double of the day was a towering shot to right off the fence at Boren Field that could have been a triple had someone not nearly fell rounding second.

Others driving the ball hard today were Dan Benoit, Josh Knott, Jeff Graby  and  Josh Miller. Greg Planellas didn’t really hit the ball very well, he actually hit kind of like a girl. But man, did he have some killer batting gloves.