Time to rock some hurricanes!

Sun 4/22/2012 12:30pm at Canes (National) Sammamish High School

Time for W #1 Wizards!

Brennan is getting the start followed by Taylor. Al is going to be the clean up guy. We’re going 4 innings or two times thru the lineup with Brennan and Taylor, whichever comes first.

Once again, great defense by Dylan, Flaming Yoshi (Kurosawa, who by the way survived his spiking incident with minor blood loss), Miller in center (not as much in left… haha) and Todd behind the dish.

Come ready to hit!

Note: That’s the baseball field on the bottom. The infield is turf. No metal spikes, no seeds and no chew. I think the first time fine for seeds and chew on a turf field is $50.

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3 Responses to “Time to rock some hurricanes!”

  1. ptizzle says:

    Well Boys we’d better bring out big boy bats to the next game, 8 hits ain’t getting it done fo sho, it was great to play though, felt good throwing that dude out at second, and turning 2 in back to back innings was sweet, got to keep that up.

  2. Doc Milo says:

    One comment? WTF?!?!?!

    The Doc just had a bday and is probably older than a couple of you young Wiz combined! He’s ready to whooop some butt!

    Where’s Chomorrow? Where’s Kurosawa? How about some f’n intensity here?

  3. Doc Milo says:

    Time for a new banner! Let’s get some pics this weekend.

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