Games 15 & 16…

… What a crappy conclusion to a crappy season. This season started with a schedule pulled right out of a smelly hole. 3 games in April, 1 game in May, 7 in June, 2 in July and 5 in August. We were actually scheduled to have over a month off between games going into wood bat month. With rainouts we had another month off with no games after the 4th of July. I came to find out we weren’t scheduled to play in July because teams have tournaments in July… well, not our team. Well, no further bitching on my part. Here are the last 2 games.

Sat   8/20/2011    12:00pm        Bombers    Mount Lake Terrace High

Sun  8/21/2011      4:00pm     at  Bears         Lynwwod High School

The Doc needs a ton of hits this weekend. He needs to go 5 for 6 this weekend to get his season average up to .300. Well, not really. The Doc has bad averages in odd number years and good in even ones. The Doc’s even year average is .341. He has hit .220 in odd years. That’s odd. Well, here’s to 2012… if he’s allowed back.

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  1. ptizzle says:

    So we score 14 runs and lose, only the Wiz can do that, sounds like it was a good game though, no Bears score up there yet.

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